Reading List

  • The Art of Computer Programming┬áis considered to be one of the staples of software engineering. I’ve taken it upon myself to struggle through this set and reinforce my mathematics foundation. From my impression thus far this set takes a brilliant and well thought out understanding of software engineering from a fairly mathematical perspective and attempts to gradually build upon it. It was written for for many different audiences but is not for novices in computers or engineering. The expectation is for this set to hone the skills and practices you have already obtained and have a more thorough understanding of what is exactly going on and the slight variations between different approaches.
  • Code is an insightful history through the evolution of computers and the underlying technologies that support them. This book gives a very good grasp how computers looked in the early days and what makes them tick. A quick read will give you the basic idea, but the content is incremental and skipping a chapter may leave you with a lack of clarity.
  • The Cathedral & The Bazaar
  • The Intelligent Investor